September 13, 2018


Our story

It started with our own wedding. As we approached towards our special day, we started to look for wedding cards: something other than a big box of mithai and a jazzy card with gold embossing. And guess what, we couldn’t find anything that was simple, unique, interesting and pocket friendly.

Why Card Galore?

Weddings are celebrated in a unique and traditional way in India. More than the union of two hearts, it is thought of as a union of two distinct families. Traditionally the respective parents invite all the guests through the medium of a ‘wedding card’. Unfortunately, with time these cards have become more and more complicated and expensive. So through Card Galore you can customize your invitation with simplicity, innovation and uniqueness.

It’s all about you

‘Card Galore’ is a novel initiative to revolutionize the wedding card industry. It is based on the simple principle that every marriage be it arranged or love is a unique story of coming together of two souls. Our cards will invite families and friends to celebrate that uniqueness.

Hence, every card will be different; every card will have a story to tell. That story shall be yours.

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